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LLC «COMPANIYA VERESK» - a chemical company specializing in the development, production and supply of chemical reagents for various industries. Main business activities are:

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PHMG-GH (Polyhexamethylenguanidine hydrochloride)

Reagents for the oil and gas industry

Household chemicals

Coagulants and flocculants

Ship chemistry

Contract manufacturing is also possible.


Dezover is the one of our main  manufacturing products, it’s PHMG- hydrocloride orpolyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride - cationic polyelectrolyte with a unique combination of physical, chemical and biocidal properties, that allow to this polymer to be used in most of the areas of the national economy.Abbriviated names: PHMGHCl, PHMG-HCl, PHMG-chloride.

It is colorless and odorless (some of not very high-quality product samples have the smell of ammonia), fireproof, explosion-proof, completely soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, does not lose its properties at low temperatures, does not decompose and retains its physical, chemical and biocidal properties up to temperature +120 C °. The usable shelf life of a 20% water solution is not less than 5 years, of 100% concentrate is not less than 7 years.

Application area of polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride:


production of competitive products

safety of working place and environment friendliness

protection of partner’s interests as our own

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Chemical reagents for the oil and gas industry

Nowadays our company is a supplier of chemical reagents of our own production for drilling and service companies operating in the Russian Federation and the countries of the Caspian region.

All chemical reagents produced by the company are compliant with the API standards of the American Petroleum Institute and have successfully proven themselves in various regions of the Russian Federation. Particular products have been certified for offshore drilling and are currently being used at offshores in the Norwegian, Barents and Caspian seas.

Here you can buy reagents for drilling fluids such as:

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