Company profile

LLC «COMPANIYA VERESK» - a chemical company specializing in the development, production and supply of chemical reagents for various industries. Main business activities are:

The company was officially founded on December 7, 1998.

The idea of foundation of the company was based on the need to meet the growing demand for high quality chemicals in the Russian market.

The company`s products are competitive not only on the Russian, but also on the world market of chemical reagents. Some of the chemical reagents are superior in quality to those in the world due to such factors as:

  1. availability of installations for the multistage synthesis of organic substances and high-temperature vacuum distillation by fractions;
  2. research and development in the field of chemical processes and production technologies.

Production, chemical and microbiological laboratories are equipped with equipment of such companies as OFFITE, FANN and provide quality control of produced products;

Our products have been successfully tested in laboratories in the USA, Malaysia, Australia and Russia.