The VERESK company has developed a new technology for the production of PHMG-HCl (polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride), an agent under the DEZOVER® trademark. The purpose of the development was to obtain high-quality PHMG-HCl, in the amounts that are necessary for saturation of the growing market by cleaning and disinfecting agents that include this agent. During the development process, all requirements related to the quality of the product, based on the research of domestic and foreign specialists, were taken into account. A complex of analytical control methods has been developed. NMR researches have been carried out. Photos of the appearance and NMR spectra of DEZOVER® and the prototype are given for comparison.

Comparative analysis of the obtained commercial product with the provided prototype, widespread on the Russian market, gave the following results.

Comparative parameter DEZOVER Prototype
Appearance Transparent, colorless, glassy mass Transparent, glassy mass with Transparent, glassy mass with a pronounced yellow tint
Aroma Absence Light ammonia odor
Solvability Complete Water-white solution. At concentrations over 25%, there is slight opalescence. The solution is yellow. Presence of a small amount of suspension in the form of insoluble gels. A small amount of sediment
Assay, % (the ratio to the amount of chloride ions included in the polymer chain and low molecular weight compounds) 99,2 93,2
Residual amount HMDA % (hexamethylene diamine) 0,05 0,1
Residual amount GHC % (guanidine hydrochloride) 0,05 0,1
PH 1% water solution 7,5 9,2
Degree of polycondensation (molecular mass) 22 8

Discussion of results and conclusions.

Appearance: The product we received corresponds to the described reference data. The yellow color of the prototype indicates the beginning of destruction and the presence of double bonds in the carbon chain. Aroma: Odorless according to reference data. Ammonia odor indicates the presence of by-product of policondensation—ammonia.

Solvability: “DEZOVER®” is completely soluble, colorless. At concentrations over 25%, there is slight opalescence, due to the intense formation of hydrogen bonds.

Assay: PHMG-HCl - a polymer with a clear structure of a monomer unit containing functional amine groups blocked by a chlorine compound. The amount, assay, is is estimated by the ratio of the amount of chloride ions included in the polymer chain and low molecular weight compounds. This comparison shows almost complete absence of chlorine-containing impurities in DEZOVER®.

Остаточное количество ГМДА (гексаметилендиамина) и ГГХ (гидрохлорид гуанидина): В полученном нами препарате ”Дезовер®”, остаточное содержание исходных ГГХ и ГМДА в двое меньше чем в представленном  прототипе и соответствует нормам  по параметрам токсичности 0,1% для ГГХ и 0,05% для ГМДА соответственно.

Residual amount HMDA ( hexamethylene diamine) and GHC ( guanidine hydrochloride): In our preparation "Desover®" the residual content of the initial GHC and HMDA is two times less than in the presented prototype and corresponds to the standards for toxicity parameters of 0.1% for GHC and 0.05% for HMDA, respectively.

PH of 1% water solution: “Desover®” equal to 7.5, allows to make disinfectants on its basis that are convenient for handling, without any special measures. At the same time, the disinfecting properties of the agent are preserved. Degree of polycondensation: according to the data of research on NMR, “Desover®” has a higher degree of polycondensation in compation with the provided prototype. This is, according to many researches, making it more effective against many dangerous microorganisms and pathogenic microflora. At the same time, its toxicity is reduced.